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Uncovering the Truth, Page by Page: Books to Read

Whether you're newly diagnosed with Crohn's or IBD, I highly recommend reading as much as you can get your hands on!  From brochures in the doctor's office to books to blogs and research reports online.  Link up with the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation (CCFA) as well.  CCFA has a wealth of resources, along with a handy, user-friendly search box.  You must become your best advocate and the quickest way to do so is to become as educated as possible about your disease, treatment options, including natural/homeopathic, dietary choices, and lifestyle changes that can help manage your health.

I'm a big fan of GoodReads, where you can catalog books you've read, flag books you want to read (very handy for browsing bookstores and creating wish lists!), and write book reviews.  There's also a social media component, where you can connect with friends and share reviews.  Be sure to "friend" me on there!


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