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When Stress Takes Over... My Path to a New Job!

What do you do when S - T - R - E - S - S takes over your life and you feel like it's sneaking a Crohn's flare back into your life?  I have witnessed the yin and yang of balance and discord throughout my life, and often times periods of intense stress can cause internal imbalances that throw off our whole system.  The health of the body is marked by the health of the gut, so it's all the more important that people with Crohn's practice the techniques I outline on the Healthy Living page. I say that, and I'm just coming out of sticking my head in the sand like an ostrich to make it through the past few months.

My nonprofit job of ten years had always been high intensity and stressful.  Being on the road so often is one of the reasons I started this blog to offer a community to others trying to take care of themselves while traveling.  However, starting about 7 or 8 months again the intensity hit its peak.

I hit a Crohn's flare like a brick wall.  Another round of merry-go-round drug trials.  Another heartbreaking round of steroids.

In those weeks of being unable to get out of bed, it hit me.  My life is more important than my job.  I can't be in an environment contributing to toxicity if I have other options.

And so I started looking.  It took several months, but it's worth it.  I'm thrilled at the nonprofit job I've just started at this week, and to a bright new future with a better work/life balance.

I know it's scary.  But sometimes major life change is the only way to re-find an inner peace.  I did it.  And so can you.

Email me and tell me your story of shedding a past job or unhealthy relationship or situation to put your health first!


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