WEGO Health Award!

Learning the Art of Patiently Waiting :)

Megan and Andrea, the wonderful ladies with The Great Bowel Movement, made my day!  They are featuring my blog on their website!!  I love reaching more people through this blog and hearing from you about your Crohn's experiences.  As with anything in life, when we feel we're not alone, and we're all in this world together, it makes everything a little brighter.  So thanks to Megan and Andrea, and thanks to each of you!

The kindness inspires me to share a little snippet of my hopes and dreams....

My secret little dream?

... is to get my book published. It's called Hostel Love and Soul Food and is a travel memoir about my three months abroad, navigating the world with Crohn's Disease and all the life-changing encounters that travel abroad brings.

The manuscript is finished, edited and edited again, so I try to find a little time every day to market my book to agents, and wait..... excruciating waits.  At first, I was frustrated when I hadn't heard back yet.  But it puts everything in perspective when I remember waiting in a doctor's office oh so many years ago, to find out why I'd gone temporarily blind at 13 years old in my junior high school.  It ended up being from blood loss, leaving me rushed to the hospital for emergency blood transfusions and a Crohn's diagnosis.  And then I remember the many waits to get test results.  Waits to see if the flare will ever end.  If the new medicine will work.  If the new diet eases the pain.

I've gotten used to waiting, even pretty darn good at it ;)

The more I see it, when random acts of kindness push us further along afloat on the sea of life, it makes everything a little happier.  And waits a little easier!

Enjoy the weekend - Crohnies unite!


  1. Sounds like an interesting book, Jamie. I hope you get it published!


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