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Losing zzzz's: Does Sleep Quality Contribute to Relapse?

This recent study suggests poor sleep can lead to Crohn's flare symptoms. At first glance it doesn't sound that groundbreaking; after all, doesn't it seem natural that any health condition would be affected by poor sleep?  In my nearly twenty years with Crohn's, I have always listed SLEEP as one of my top three needs for staying healthy and in remission.  Sleep, diet, and stress - that's it for me folks.  Of course in times of stress and fast-paced travel, it makes it all the harder to pay attention to each of these factors.  Once stress intervenes, it's easier to succumb to cravings for off-limit foods, and often times insomnia or other sleep problems will follow.

I've learned a few things that helps me meet my solid requirement of 8-9 hours of zzz's per night:

  • Selectively share.  I long ago gave up expecting friends my age to understand, as most of my peers can thrive off 5-6 hours of sleep a night and live lifestyles that contribute to sleepless nights, whether young parents or partying friends.  While it's important that my husband and immediate family understands the depths of my visceral need for sleep on the extreme end, I refrain from getting into details with others.  If you need to be in bed by 10, set an end time to a girls' dinner for 9pm to allow time to unwind.  And catch up on extra sleep on the weekend if you need to get caught up.
  • Turn off electronic devices an hour before you want to fall asleep.  I use this hour to catch up on my other passion:  reading.  It's my favorite hour of the day to be in bed with a good read.  
  • If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, check out natural sleep supplements like Melatonin and Gaba
  • If you have dry eye problems like I do, invest in a good humidifier.  I love my Crane.

    Happy sleeping!  Crohnies unite!


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