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Gluten-Free in Asheville, NC!

My husband and I met with old friends just before the leaves started changing in Asheville this fall.  Although we missed the leaves, the weather was perfect and we had a beautiful weekend all around, visiting the Biltmore House with its early Christmas decorations and relaxing wine tastings, and shopping and eating our way through downtown and beyond.  I am posting my reviews on some of the restaurants, which were pre-selected for being gluten-free friendly!

Hendersonville Apples...where it's at!!  If only I could eat fruit! 

To See and Be Seen....You get the vibe, as my hubs and I did at the bar, that this is the place in Asheville to see and be seen - that is, multifold - you can't beat the people-watching, sitting at the counter as the entire kitchen slices and dices in front of us was like a Food Network show come alive, and anyone strolling by or popping in to check on a table are clearly green with envy for the lucky ones who thought to call ahead.... far ahead. You can't beat it! Rioja fans, prepare for an entire menu of riojas to delight! :)

French Broad Chocolate Lounge
I'm a chocoholic. And I've loved this place over the years. However, we had a couple of disappointments in our party of four this time. After having stopped one night (admittedly peak leaf weekend in Asheville) and turned away at the sight of 40 people in line, we returned another night. So the build up was high! Tables were dirty, lines were long, the beer/ice cream float pushed by the staff was horrendous, and I got ill after my mousse. :( I love this place, so I'm going to say they were just having an off night. And I'll go back next time I'm in town. Just gotta' be real, and say I hope they are keepin' in check their reputation and not letting it all go to their fashionable, hip little heads! :) 

Confessions: We were standing in line 20 minutes for Twelve Bones when the power went out, they closed down, and we were left drooling for BBQ. We did some quick review hopping and headed straight for Moe's. I don't think it's because by the time we got there and were starving that this place was so good - it just was, great bbq, sides, 'Bama decorations (Roll TIDE!), and free flowing sweet tea. Throw some paper towel rolls on the table and call it a meal! :)

Gluten-free heaven!!  I felt confident enough hearing about this place from reviews, friends, and family, that I didn't even worry a sec about bringing along another couple who isn't gluten-free, because it doesn't matter at Posana. The focus is on healthy, sustainable food. You'd never otherwise know it's gluten-free. No more shifting uncomfortably in my seat waiting on a "special" menu. The lobster mac and cheese lived up to its reputation, and the scallops were divine. We opted for dessert at the Chocolate Lounge. Two thumbs way up!

 Biltmore Gardens

The Corner Kitchen
I just want to pinch that cottage's cheeks! :) How adorable is Corner Kitchen?? Built in the 1800s, it's got nooks and crannies for seating, charming old bathrooms, and two floors of delectable brunch aromas that made for our most memorable meal while on a weekend jaunt to Asheville. Food was incredible, and THANK YOU for tasty gluten-free bread options!!! Call ahead - far ahead! We wish we could've gone back over the weekend again - and for those of you who know about all the great spots in Asheville, that's paying quite the compliment!

It's good, but didn't knock my socks off  (the service, however, did!). Hype can be dangerous to a restaurant, if you can't keep it up. I know this place has been popular awhile, and it's still good for southern digs, but a bit more on the greasy spoon side than I expected. For us gluten-free'ers, I would've loved a piece of gluten free toast or muffin brought out with the biscuits so I didn't have to stare and drool so much :) And granted they *do* warn you in the menu about the spiciness of one of their shrimp and grits. Maybe just too many places warn about any kind of spiciness it becomes hard to distinguish levels. Apparently this one was on the nuclear level! However, our waiter was an absolutely stand up, great guy. One of those guys you want to pat on the back when you leave for being so darn nice. So go, enjoy, just expect it to be what it is!

Biltmore Gardens

I used to love this place. But I was very disappointed this time. The place was filthy, overcrowded, service was horrible, and the food not that great. I quite literally asked for more cream for my coffee and / or more coffee, period, about 12 times. That got me a total of two cups (including the one they brought out in the first place) and extra cream after I was finished. I watched a waitress knock over a jelly squeezer (in a ketchup like bottle) when cleaning another table, hit the floor and her shoe, knocked the top off, and she put it back on the table. I had to look away, guys, I did. I just don't want to know if she did or did not go properly clean the bottle. The floors were so disgusting it revolted me. My omelet was good, as was my friends' food, but my hash browns were greasy and mostly mushed up skins. Why, oh why, couldn't we have gone back to Corner Kitchen?! :)

In short, you can't go wrong in Asheville!   Lots of healthy eating options with a splash of Southern style!

Crohnies unite!


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