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Primal, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Oh My!

What's a newly diagnosed IBD-patient to do, when there are so many different diets offering a range of theories for taking care of your digestive health.  To top it off, many doctors still seem to ignore the importance of dietary advice for during flares and during remission.  First things first, folks, if your doctor doesn't even take the time to mention diet at all, you may want to consider finding a new one!

Much of my own path has been weaving together a series of approaches to find what keeps my body healthy and happy.  I have tried just about everything once!  And most good bloggers, nutritionists, and supporters will say that the key is to listen to your body.  Keep a food diary religiously.  That way you can have an ongoing record of your health, spot trends, and report back to your doctor.

I'm excited to see some of these specialty diets going more mainstream, such that not everyone following them has IBD.  The general public is finding all kinds of health reasons to follow them.

My favorite latest blog/diet is the Paleo through the Against All Grain blog.  I appreciate the story of  Danielle Walker's health transformation, taking a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis and finding a path that works for her.  While I myself don't follow paleo in its entirety, I again take elements from many and find my own path.

For example, I only have dairy through goat's yogurt and hard sheep's cheeses, with less common use of cow's cheeses.  I sub rice milk for my daily milk needs, like for rice cereal or tea/coffee.  I don't eat red meat, or any fried meats, opting for lots of turkey, chicken, and seafood.   Over the past year, I gave up legumes after tracing my food journal history and getting an allergy diagnosis.  I also gave up soy from doing my own research about the health consequences.  I limit my sugar intake and pretty much the only fruits I can eat are bananas and mangoes.  And no nuts for me, although cashew nut butter does ok.

The key is to do your research, track your symptoms, and find what works for you!

I've not used any of the apps, but you can download some of these to try out:

GI Monitor - to track your symptoms

GI Buddy - another option to track your symptoms and food

There's also lots of specialized apps to help you with gluten-free food shopping, and the like.

Enjoy!  Crohnies unite!


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