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Crohn's Kiwi-Style

My husband and I enjoyed three incredible weeks in New Zealand in late February-early March, which is a great time to go enjoy their summer while enduring a harsh North Carolina winter (insert joke here about how bad us Southerners handle an eighth of an inch of sleet!).  We'd been planning the trip since we honeymooned in Australia in 2011.  Everyone raved about New Zealand needing its own chunk of time.  I agree - so much to see, so little time!


We were not without challenges pertaining to my health, as per usual.  But this time, with seven countries under our belts that we've jointly traveled to since meeting each other, we were far more prepared.  Here are some of our tips for visiting New Zealand, many of which translate to just about anywhere in the world!

Top 5 Kiwi Tips!

  1. First and foremost, I ensured our accommodations would be comfortable - having at least a basic kitchen so we could prepare our own meals as much as possible, as well as within walking or driving distance (for the times we had a rental car) of a grocery store.  Check Trip Advisor for the best reviews!  Most hotels in New Zealand are smaller family run motels with full kitchens.  Most grocery stores had gluten free options.
  2. Pack ahead!  I talk about packing tips on other blogs I've written.  Check out here for bigger trips and here for more local travel.   So nothing new to report, but I'm sooooo glad I packed my NuGo bars!!  They are gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, but still pack a protein punch.  I packed one box, which worked out to be about a bar a day, skipping some days I forgot or didn't have in my day bag.  I also packed some other snacks from home.

  3. My hubby talked me out of bringing my travel picnic set of utensils.  I should have brought them. Wink and hugs to hubby!  It's ok :)

  4. Be prepared for repetitive eating - you know, when you find your safe food(s).  And eat them again, and again, and again.  And then suddenly, it's three months later and you still can't imagine eating another rice cracker for some time! 

  5. Bring multivitamins - if you're like me, the repetitive eating is often not the healthiest, so it's important to keep up your nutritional supplements as much as possible!

Montezuma's Revenge

It hit far more often than I expected.  I had this vision of New Zealand as so clean and pure, and to be honest, it's the first country I did drink the water unabashedly at first.  And then I remembered, it's not that the water isn't pure in some places, it's the different mineral content that is hard on our systems.

Salads did it.  Two different risottos.  Seafood. 

I got paranoid, and then I got conservative.  And then scraped by on safe foods.  That's probably why my immune system is crap right now, but I am back home and eating as nutritiously as possible!


Send me your stories of adventures in New Zealand! 

Crohnies unite! 


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