WEGO Health Award!

My Second Guest Post is Live on Crohn's Forum!!

I'm so excited to announce that my second guest post is live on Crohn's Forum, which is a great resource for anyone with IBD.  They feature extensive forums and community support groups.

For a selfish plug, check out my special guest post on their site!  I write a general overview about traveling with Crohn's / IBD.

Y'all, I am honored to be getting my voice out there.  My dream is for this site to be a place of healing and inspiration.  Whether it's a parent who is wondering what their newly diagnosed child's life will be like, or someone who has been struggling with IBD for 20+ years like me, I want Crohnie Travels to inspire that life can be normal.  It may be a different kind of normal, but you can succeed and thrive in this life with Crohn's.

Thanks for everyone's support!!  Especially Helena at Crohn's Forum!

Crohnies unite!


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