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Pearls & PJ's

Some days are better than others with Crohn's / IBD.  I've written about that feeling when it seems no one understands.  You look fine on the outside, but are crumbling from the day's challenges inside.  Sometimes it's the inability to stray too far from a bathroom, other days it's the achy knee joints that make it hard to walk.  We all have them, regardless of which autoimmune disease you may be struggling with.

Yesterday, I got home from another long, high stress day, capping off two 13-hour work days in a row.  The first thing I did was to change out of my suit and into my very comfiest jammies - the red ones with little cats on them.  They don't win any style awards, but they make me smile. And they're bright red, which energizes me.

Normally I would take off my jewelry too, even my wedding ring.  In that feeling of total exhaustion, everything feels too heavy.  But yesterday, I left my pearls on.  The strand I got in China from a third-generation family store.  The strand that reminds me of my amazing time there, even though as soon as I came home I had a horrible 3-month flare. 

The rest of the evening I was lounging around the house in pearls and pj's.  My hubby even noticed and commented.  He liked it; goodness knows he sees me at the worst so often, it was nice to have a splash of color in what felt then like a world of gray pain.  It was like my secret salutation to the world - you may have knocked me down, but you can't knock off my pearls!  I'm ready to go as soon as I can walk again!

Next time you have one of those days - if you can't get out of bed, or you come home sick from work just to rest and find you can't even make it back - do me a favor, and leave on that accent from the "real world" that still goes on while we are sick.  Leave on your silk scarf over your nightgown, or your bling with your jammies.  Let that new blow-out and color look dashing against the backdrop of a day of bed rest.  Guys, you can do the same - a loose tie over your jammies!

You'll be the best darn dressed Crohnie in their jammies, I promise.  Share your photos, and your stories!  What's your pearl and jammie moment?

Crohnies unite!


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