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Please Don't Ask Me 'Why?'

The Dreaded "Why" 

Well, bless your heart.  That's what we say in the south to mean anything from "You're an idiot" to "I'm so sorry, dearie, let me give you a hug." to "That haircut is not a good one for you."  Watch out when you hear it!  I was on the receiving end this week after facing the dreaded "why?".

You know it all too well.  It comes from strangers, acquaintances, co-workers, wait staff, and so on.  It pops up during the moment you are trying to - likely with dignity and pleading eyes - explain a specific need, a dietary restriction, a reason why you need to know where the bathrooms are as soon as you go somewhere.

This week, I tried to place a to-go order at my favorite seafood spot.  I asked for the broiled variety plate, only to have the kindly older lady wrinkle up her nose in disgust, shake her head, and say "No, you don't want that.  You want it fried."  We had the back and forth dance, wherein I insisted with pleading eyes and dignity and she 'guided', until she finally said "Why?".   I then had to come out with it:  "I appreciate your help, m'am, but I have Crohn's Disease and am unable to eat fried foods.  I have to have it broiled."

Then I got THE look - whether it be confusion ("What the heck is Crohn's?"), glazed over ("I could care less what you just said."), concern ("Oh my gosh, are you about to keel over right here in the restaurant?"), doubt ("Oh, you're another one of those gluten-free healthy freaks?") or a combination of the above.

How do you respond to the "why" and the doubters, the confused and those wanting to be helpful in your life?   Goodness knows I need a few new answers up my sleeve!

Crohnies unite!



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