WEGO Health Award!

What I Wish I'd Known

If you enjoyed my letter to the newly diagnosed, check out a few things I wish I'd known about Crohn's disease on the fantastic site that is Crohn's Forum! 

In other news, this photo is my happy place, which I need on days like today.  There's nothing like cutting a workplace conversation short because you have to dash to the bathroom after a bad attempt at cooking lunch.  Given I am a total disaster in the kitchen, I've been trying to learn to prepare meals better.  My husband is the cook in the family, you see, but I'm on my own for lunch!  Today did not go well, and my tummy is paying the price.

Tomorrow is a new day.

I think of Santorini, my idea of paradise, and how in love I fell with this island five years ago when I was blessed to spend time in Greece and Turkey.

What's your happy place? 

Crohnies unite!


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