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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

When you're first diagnosed with Crohn's you have a hard enough time comprehending the total life overhaul that comes with managing the primary symptoms dealing with your digestive tract.  Then, months or years pass and perhaps one day you do a Google search and realize all those other lovely health issues are actually tied back to the one and same culprit... IBD.

As per the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, extraintestinal manifestations of IBD may include problems with your:

* Eyes.  Dry eyes anyone?  Blepharitis too!
* Mouth.  For me, it takes nothing to get a mouth sore, and ages for it to fade.
* Joints.  Ahh the joint pain.  Like an octogenarian with bad arthritis. 
* Skin - ulcers, sores, bumps, cysts.  The list of pleasantries goes on. 
* Bones - Crohnies are prone to osteoporosis due to nutrition malabsorption.
* Kidney stones
* And in some extreme cases, liver problems

I for one would like to add to this list!  How about-->

* Hair Loss.  When I go through a flare, I lose massive amounts of hair
* Depression
* Anxiety
* Sleep problems

What's a Crohnie to do?

I am going to write a series of blogs on these topics over the next several months, starting with hair loss.  Repeat after me, y'all:

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 

Hair loss in particular for us women can be devastating.  It's frightening when you are already at your lowest point in a bad flare, the one time you can drag yourself into the shower you start finding massive wads of hair just coming out in streams.  For me, it goes on for months.  All linked to the terror our body is going through with the gut being the center of our immune system. 

While we may not lose it entirely like someone going through chemotherapy, the loss may be significant enough to be quite noticeable.  After a recent loss, I got tired of it and just chopped my hair shorter than it's ever been.

                                    Before (granted this was EONS ago but still - Look at that hair!!)

                                           After (standing next to my dream car at an exhibit!)

There are no easy answers.  Comfort is difficult to find.  I choose to focus on gratitude in the midst of loss, prayer and appreciation of the small things in life.  I personally find it a humbling reminder that while many of us often feel immortal, particularly in our youth, our time on this earth is fleeting.  If we're grateful for what we have when we have it, it makes the tough spells a little easier.

Embrace it, if it's happening.  Try a new hair style.  Don't be afraid to tell your stylist what's going on.  I was surprised that mine was quite skilled with dealing with women's hair loss, whether from thyroid issues, cancer or other problems.  Get a wig if you want/need to.

Most of all, know that you are beautiful and perfect no matter how you look on the outside.

Know that you are loved.

Know that it will grow back.

Know that you are not alone.

Crohnies unite!


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