WEGO Health Award!

Stress Stinks... and My Latest Crohn's Forum Blog is Out!

Hey ya'll!  My latest guest post on awarding ourselves Crohnie merit badges is up! Thanks to Helena and the team for allowing me to share on their fabulous site!

Here's a sneak peak meme:


I have been going through some challenging times lately on multiple fronts and have been under a lot of stress.  Having also changed my birth control pills due to learning last year that the estrogen negatively affects Crohn's, I feel like I'm on a hormonal roller coaster where I'm the losing kid about to fall out.

As is my nature, I took to books and stumbled upon my latest read, The Hormone Cure by Dr. Sara Gottfried, a Harvard trained physician who believes in the power of natural remedies such as supplements, acupuncture, and yoga to balance our out of whack hormone levels.

I am working on a post about the book for the ladies!  But in the meantime, I've booked my first acupuncture treatment.   I'm nervous and apprehensive, but in this life I believe in trying as much as there is to offer.

Stay tuned!  Crohnies unite - have a restful and restorative Labor Day weekend!


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