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We're all caretakers of each other, RIP Robin Williams

I can't shake the news of Robin Williams's suicide.

I remind myself that we are all caretakers of each other.

There are so many souls we encounter every day without realizing that each and every one of us carries our own story, our own burdens and challenges, no matter if they look like the most fortunate in the world.  I am guilty of it too.

I have friends who struggle with depression and mental illness.  And I know many with autoimmune disease, cancer, and other major health challenges struggle with depression as a result of their diagnosis and the impact the disease has on their lives.

It makes it all the more imperative we focus on outpouring love rather than hate - or worse yet, intolerance, anger, or shame.  After all, love is all there is.

Next time I hear a friend or colleague say in passing they are having a hard time, instead of jumping into my own challenges, I will pause and connect.  I will hold out my hand.

Next time I see an angry or hurt or frustrated passer-by, I will be bold and smile or say hello.  I will realize that the mask of depression often includes armor difficult to tear down.

By connecting with one another in the tiniest of ways, we interlace our lives as one.  We put love ahead of self. 

I resolve to make Crohnie Travels a place of openness, support, and understanding.   Behind the mask of internet comment sections, social media outlets, and the like, people can be so critical and hateful to one another, even under the guise of being helpful.  Fussing at a newly diagnosed patient for not using the IBD acronym correctly, criticizing one another for dietary choices or lifestyle.  Then getting mad at the world for not understanding our plight.

Next time I disagree with someone I will practice putting myself in their shoes.  I will work to understand where they are coming from, rather than rushing to judgment.

Let us be kind to one another.  Let us choose a guiding hand rather than harsh words or actions.

Let us love.

Crohnies unite.


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