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Stress Cravings

Is it just me or does ongoing holiday stress start to eat away at your willpower and make it easier to turn your cheek to those stringent Crohn’s diet recommendations?   Let’s blame it on endless holiday social situations where we’re faced with platters of nuts, fried foods and other awful sights. 

At a holiday party earlier today I tucked a few morsels of “bad” food on my flimsy paper plate to avoid snide looks by coworkers who question why I’m so picky and not appreciative of their simmering Crock Pot concoction.  To me, that simmering mystery meat looks more like a cauldron of stomach aches, late nights in the bathroom, and flare onset foods.  I’m actually not picky, my dears!  I’ll eat anything, I just CAN’T!  You don’t want to see the action in the bathroom if I eat this lethal combination of Taco Bell, spinach dip, spicy jerk chicken and meatballs.  I covered it all in a few leafy greens and collapsed into my seat, sneaking a glance at my watch to see if I would have time to eat before dinner.  Not so, I came home starving and frustrated.

My husband says I should bring my own food, snide looks ignored.  But I already feel like a spotlight is shining on me wherever I go, reminding the world that I’m different.  Bringing my own food to a holiday party is like adding a karaoke mike to the spotlight.

Instead, I slap on a fake smile at every holiday soiree and compliment the most unappealing of dishes to keep the peace and cram my face with healthy Crohn’s friendly food immediately before and after.

It’s a small price to pay to keep on Crohn’in on.   The holidays are hard enough.  Veering from our regular diets is just a recipe for disaster, pardon the pun.

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