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Breakfast Secrets from Every One of My Doctors!

For my first post of 2015 I thought I would share some tips I've learned in the past few months, culling together advice from my gastroenterologist, allergist, general practitioner, and acupuncturist.  Are you ready, folks?  Because I wasn't.  It took me months of hearing it from different sources to truly understand the importance of yet another dietary change in my life.  I went into it kicking and screaming but it has truly made a difference in my life.

Drum roll please!

Eat a strictly PROTEIN based breakfast!!!

I heard it over and over again, but like a child at a candy store, I wanted what I wanted!   Which was my two scrambled eggs with a side gluten-free muffin, or a scrumptious gluten free cranberry scone. Or rice cereal.  

There are a gazillion blogs that will get at the science behind all of this, but to hit some highlights, my acupuncturist said it would help my adrenal fatigue, which involves high spiking cortisol levels at night and blood sugar drops in the morning.  My allergist said to help my eosinophilic esophagitis and many food allergies, that if I wanted to avoid developing an egg allergy (heaven forbid!!!) I should only eat protein alongside the eggs.  Apparently carbs affect the digestion, which can result in the body developing an intolerance.

Goodbye, gluten free muffin (**tears), for good.  Instead I have antibiotic and hormone free, casein free, gluten free, free free free of all bad stuff chicken or turkey sausage or Applegate chicken nuggets.

And now that I've been eating this way for 3 months I can tell a difference.  My energy levels are steadier, which is importance since I am also weaning off caffeine as much as possible.
I knew I needed to get more protein.  I've had an easier time incorporating my Rainbow Light protein shakes over the past couple years, as well as switching to Greek yogurt.  But breakfast is hard.  I have to wake up nearly two hours before I have to be somewhere.  Yep, and that's with no kids, no dog to walk, just me, my high maintenance Crohnie self, and I.  I'd rather have time to cook what I need to feel good and help my Crohn's, have time for bathroom adventures, and not be rushed.  It's a commitment, but isn't our health worth it?

I'm contemplating making batches of quinoa as another high protein side.  But alas that involves more research and recipes for this helpless cook!  Eggs are about the only thing I can manage!

I'd love everyone to share their favorite breakfast recipes.

Crohnies unite!

Also, please check out Fiona's page on Facebook - so inspiring!!


  1. I struggle in this area as well. When I behave myself and start my day with a bowl of Greek yogurt (plain with a little raw honey and cinnamon), I feel like an entirely different (healthier) person all day than when I don't get enough protein first thing. Go you! Keep sticking with this - it's so worth it.

    1. Thanks for this idea, Erin! I took your advice and had some Greek yogurt this morning with a little side of chicken. A few weeks ago during food allergy testing I was diagnosed with some random allergies, including cinnamon, which I had always loved putting in my yogurt. I have been trying to think of substitutes since us Crohnies can't do berries/fruit (at least I can't!) I will have to try the honey for a substitute to add some flavor!


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